Portfolio Highlights

Happiness and
Consumer Brands

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Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin

Bark offers dog lovers subscription based dog treats, dog food and content.

Payal Kadakia

ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible.

Alexandra Zatarain
Andrea Ballarini
Massimo Andreasi Bassi
Matteo Franceschetti

Eight Sleep is a sleep fitness company that leverages personal biometrics to restore individuals to their peak energy levels each morning.

David Arabov
Jonathon San Pedro

Elite Daily is the leading source for news and entertainment for and by millennials.

Adam Seifer
Michael Montero

Fotolog is a social networking site that enables members to express themselves through online photo diaries and blogs.

Ray Girn

Higher Ground Education aims to bring the Montessori education methodology to the mainstream through modernization.

Brendan McGovern
Matt Meeker
Peter Kamali
Scott Heiferman

Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life.

Ayan Barua
Vamshi Mokshagundam

Siftery helps the user to discover products that are a great fit for a company and explore what other top companies are using.

Melody McCloskey

StyleSeat is an online destination that connects beauty and wellness professionals with clients.

AI & Cloud

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Gustavo Sapoznik
Marcus Westin

ASAPP is an artificial intelligence customer service software that helps call center agents work more efficiently.

Bronwyn Agrios
Chris Biddy
Jan King
Mikhail Kokorich

Astro Digital is a global imaging and analysis company that develops a platform for fast and easy access to satellite imagery.

Damon Tassone
Richard Harris
Joel Goldman

Black Crow is a machine learning SaaS company that enables e-commerce businesses to more effectively understand their customer’s buying behavior.

Brian Norton
Pulkit Agrawal

Chameleon helps you build better user onboarding without coding

Juan Altamirano
Agustin Novellio Saravia
Emiliano Segura

Clicoh provides a simple API that allows eCommerce companies in LATAM to quickly integrate with their logistics channels by giving them Amazon-like fulfillment: handling package delivery for customers, from order to warehouse to last mile delivery.

Gary Flake

Clipboard is a web platform allowing users to gather links on various topics and store them online.

Jeremy Duboys
Seth Besmertnik

Conductor is a content intelligence platform that enables marketers to create great content, drive qualified traffic, and increase ROI.

Oren Arar
Jonathan Livneh
Shahak Shalev

Cyrus is a personal cybersecurity & identity theft protection platform protecting customers from fraud and cybercrime

Henry Zhang

Emergence Software is an app aggregation platform acquiring B2B software applications available in B2B app marketplaces

Ken Kolkebeck
Nalin Kulatilaka
Robert Kaufmann
Swapnil Shah

FirstFuel provides an analytics based customer intelligence platform for utilities and energy service providers

Chris Kantrowitz
Jamie Kantrowitz

Gobbler is a backup, transfer, and organizational tool for managing users’ media project files and assets.

Jeff Lewis
Kevin Wood
Peter Lada

Guidebook is a simple yet powerful mobile application builder that lets you create an app with no technical skills required.

Binh Tran
Joe Fernandez

Klout is an application that measures and ranks its users according to online social influence by using social media analytics.

Jonah Goodhart
Michael Walrath
Noah Goodhart

Moat ensures consumer brands attract their consumer’s attention online.

Chittu Nagarajan
Colin Rule

Modria is a developer of an online dispute resolution platform used to process and resolve customer disputes related to eCommerce.

Damon Reeve
Scott Switzer

OpenX provides digital and advertising technologies that optimize a company’s advertising revenue.

Oded Itzhak
Yaron Galai

Quigo, an ad-targeting network, enables advertisers to buy web ads based on specific pages, sections and keywords.

Auren Hoffman
Brent Perez

SafeGraph is unlocking the world’s most powerful data so that machines and humans can answer society’s toughest questions.

Adam Schoenfeld
Aviel Ginzburg
Damon Cortesi

Simply Measured provides social media analytics and measurements for data-driven agencies and brands.

Dan Reich
Greg Ratner
Scott Britton

Troops.ai provides a Salesforce automation platform that gives real-time transparency around Salesforce information.

Daniel Bilbao
Maite Muniz

Truora helps LATAM businesses simplify their user interactions, by seamlessly authenticating users, and engaging with them on WhatsApp.

Michael Yavonditte
Rick Eaton
Teddy Jawde
Todd Coleman

Yieldmo is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising and attention analytics companies.

Finance, Insurance
& Real Estate

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Diego Villarreal

Castor is an integrated software and banking platform in LATAM that enables employees to access and spend their payroll earnings on a daily basis.

Brian Armstrong Fred Ehrsam

Coinbase is an online platform that allows merchants, consumers, and traders to transact with digital currency.

Benjamin Labra
Nicolas Knockaert

Houm is a LatAm marketplace to help landlords find tenants or buyers, also offering property management.

Dylan Beynon
Joshua Schwadron

Mighty is building a portal to help law firms, lienholders, and other parties manage their interests in personal injury lawsuits.

Lucas Vargas
Patrick Sigrist

Nomad is building the largest cross-border Neobank in Latin America.

Amon Ghaiumy
Paul Chong
Qingchen Wang

Ophelos is a consumer friendly fintech platform that’s transforming the debt collection industry through machine learning and behavioral science.

Gerardo Briones
Luis Fernando Dosal

Pagaloop allows LATAM based SMBs to finance working capital needs such as rent, payroll and suppliers with credit cards extending their cash flow.

Chris Larsen
Jed McCaleb

Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain.

Doug Chertok

StreetEasy is New York City’s leading local real estate marketplace on mobile and the Web, providing comprehensive listings and market data.

Shivani Siroya

Tala is a mobile technology and data science company that is oriented around financial services in emerging markets.

Tomas Mindlin
Nicolas Andriano
Bruno Cortinovis
Kevin Litvin  

Tapi is a LATAM based payments platform that enables customers to pay their vendor bills via its API first network.

Resource Sustainability &
Deep Tech

Founders Overview Badge
Martin Roscheisen
Jeremy Scholz
Kyle Gazay

Diamond Foundry creates resource-sustainable diamonds.

Austin Che Barry Canton Jason Kelly Reshma Shetty Tom Knight

Ginkgo Bioworks bioengineers products for the world.

Eric Steen
Jay Keasling
Jeffrey Dietrich

Lygos provides biotechnology solutions for today’s renewable chemical challenges.


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Jacob Brody
Dr. Michael Albert

Accomplish Health is an outsourced online obesity medicine practice (of physicians, dietitians, and health coaches), that allows clinics to offer their patients sustainable weight loss programs.

Sury Agarwal
Zach Macko
Aniq Rahman

Candor Health is a modern healthcare intelligence platform

Matthew De Jonge
Andrew Casper
Igor Lovchinsky
Cole Morris

Chromatic is building next generation medical device tech (Coming Soon)

Vivek Garipalli Kris Gale

Clover Health offers innovative Medicare for America’s seniors.

Nick Aubin
Paulo De Costa

Commons Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic providing women and men with comprehensive specialty and surgical care programs for pain and orthopedics.

Dr. Julian Harris
Dinesh Ganesan

ConcertoCare is a risk-based provider of telehealth and at-home/in-person healthcare for medicare patients.

Stan Vashovsky

DocGo is an ambulance service provider that utilizes disruptive technology in delivering medical transportation services.

Andrew Lockhart
Christopher Bockman

Fathom develops a coding automation platform designed to expedite medical coding practice

Aniq Rahman

Florence is building a modern operating system for health systems.

Akili Hinson
Alex Bargar

Juno Medical is a whole-family healthcare platform that provides modern open-access care for an entire family’s day-to-day needs.

Helen Egger
Rebecca Egger

Little Otter is a children’s mental health company that developed an app that focuses on the mental health of children and their families.

James Bateman
Derrick Chow

Marble (formerly Medchart) is building a health data platform for aggregating and analyzing consented patient data across healthcare, legal and insurance.

Andrew Aertker
Gavin Buchanan

PatchRx is a patient first medication adherence solution

Alexander Bisignano
Santiago Munne

Phosphorus is a computational genomics company. We want to create a world where every healthcare decision is optimized with genomics.

Alexander Bisignano

Recombine is a company that offers genetic testing for it’s customers.

Michael Murray
Kareem Zaki

Scope Security is the leading cloud-native security solution for healthcare IT systems, medical devices, and EHR environments

Seth Goodman
Manoj Pooleery

SiteRx’s software integrates with EHRs to identify patient-trial matches for clinical trials and automates the clinical trial submission process.

Colin Morelli
Daniel Schwartz

Source (formerly Catalyst Health) is the infrastructure layer for digital health companies.

Sahir Jaggi

Tandem is cutting the red tape between patients and medicine.

Cyrus Massoumi
Nick Ganju
Oliver Kharraz

Zocdoc lets patients book doctor appointments via telehealth and for in-person visits.


Founders Overview Badge
Daniela Izquierdo
Juan Guillermo Azuero

Foodology creates and operates digital restaurant brands made for delivery.

Ooshma Garg

Gobble is a weekly dinner kit delivery service that helps busy people cook dinner in just 10 minutes with 1 pan.

Larry Stinson
Ray Reddy
Robert Kim

Ritual is an ordering app that taps networks of co-workers & colleagues for fast & easy pick up & pay at local eateries and coffee shops.

Jake DeCicco
James DeCicco
Jordan Decicco

Super Coffee is a blend of organic Colombian Coffee fortified with 10 grams of grass-fed protein and coconut oil for focused energy.

Jonathan Neman
Nicolas Jammet
Nathaniel Ru

Sweetgreen is the world’s first farm-to-table fast casual restaurant chain.

Andre Monteiro
Bennett Byerley
saac Morrier
Matt Czarnecki

Verb Energy makes healthy and delicious energy products for every day. Our flagship product is the Verb Caffeinated Energy Bar.

Portfolio Highlights

Happiness and
consumer brands

Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and

AI & Cloud

Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
Henrik Werdelin
Bark offers dog lovers subscription
based dog treats, dog food and